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The 2022 XN (3vs3) basketball game has ended successfully
  Issuing time:2022-07-13  Hits:249

        The hot summer still can't stop the infinite passion and love of the XN people. On June 18, 2022 "XN cup" 3V3 Basketball game officially started. Until July 8, 2022, after group round robin, semi-finals, finals, and a total of 24 fierce competitions, the 2022 "XN cup" officially ended.

        In the beginning, the players of each team started a fierce competition, and basketball traveled among the players. The basketball is passed to the players and lifted above their heads, and they use appropriate wrist strength to throw the basketball into the air; a perfect parabola crossed; the three-pointer entered the frame; the crowd cheered; and the atmosphere on the scene also rose sharply. After 20 days of intense competition, Team "Laoliu Laoliu" won the final championship; Assembly team was the runner-up; Team "Madman" won third place. 

After the basketball game, the passion continued. Interns spontaneously formed a team to play a friendly match with the old employees. That was a youth-burning competition involving new and old employees and a competition showing the infinite passion and vitality of XN people.

Through this basketball game, the participating players fully demonstrated "Friendship first, competition second" sports spirit. While bringing a visual feast to all company employees, it also showed the spirit of XN people working together and making progress for all company employees. The 2022 "XN Cup" has reached a successful conclusion, but this is not the end. Let's fight again next year and release our passion.

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