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The first "2022 Quality Month" of the XN Company was successfully concluded
  Issuing time:2022-11-23  Hits:269

To comprehensively improve the quality awareness of all employees, firmly establish the "quality-oriented" working philosophy, and ensure the effective operation of the quality management system, from August 1 to September 10, the Quality Department of the company launched the "Quality Month" activity with the theme of "I am here, no accidents, quality assurance, I am the best." And together with the assembly department, processing department, production technology department, and production debugging group to participate in the activity.

This activity consists of four stages: the theme publicity stage, quality essay competition, quality skills competition, and quality management/control competition. In "Quality Month," a total of five awards were selected: "The Most Beautiful Quality Person," "Quality Master," "Quality Pacesetter," "Excellent Quality Department," and "Excellent Quality Team." Feng Shuai and Li Pengfei from the assembly department and Kang Zili from the commissioning group won the "Most Beautiful Quality Person" award; An Yuhong, Zao Yongqi, Li Bin, Ma Ruiqiang, and Liang Xinjun from the processing department won the "Quality Master" award. The Quality Department won the "Excellent Quality Department" and "Excellent Quality Team" awards. In addition, 13 employees from the commissioning group, processing department, quality department, and assembly department won the honorary title of "Quality Model."



Under the company leaders' strong support and the quality department's careful preparation, colleagues from all departments actively participated in the activity and achieved complete success. On November 11, 2022, the company held a grand award ceremony for the winning employees and the winning team.

At the award ceremony, the company's leadership awarded certificates to the winning staff and the team, and the winning representatives gave acceptance speeches. Company leaders also praised the activity and expected everyone to make persistent efforts in future work, always be cautious of the product's quality, and strive to be a "quality person." The company's quality department also took this activity as an opportunity to grasp the quality management work, strictly control the equipment research and development, production, and factory quality links, improve the quality of the company's equipment, and promote the company's high-quality development contribution.

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